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13. juni 2017
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Cycling Coach – The key to effectively coach the kids

Cycling Coach - The key to effectively coach the kids

I like to think a better word for Coaching is Guiding, because this is about playing on the bike!

Soccer coach, swimming coach, coach this and coach that.. OK! I am a kids cycling coach/ Guide!

Training! I call it practise! Incorporate PLAY!

Make it fun, and not call it exercise! It is great exercise, but lets focus on fun outside!

Design a short but fast paced session, maybe broken into 3 parts. One hour long.. the kids want more but then its there time to fool around.. enough guiding.. Just ride the bike!

As a cycling coach its important to choose a good location. Build a Bike Skills track if you have to!! I used 100 hours to build a bike track to test skills and have fun. Not just for kids, but parents, anyone!

Each short session is specific. I also make the kids run/walk the trail we ride. So they know what is coming. Reconnaissance, checking out a situation before taking action.

We have slow and fast contests. I like to hear their hearts pump and do it so they dont notice! We also have balance ans skill contests but not against each other. It is a personal test and sometimes we race against the clock, if they want to see improvement! It is about fun and then building up confidence and then fitness.

Small steps first, safety first, small steps before bigger obstacles!

All kids are different, very different. Too much confidence can be a negative thing. Showing off is not apart of the program. Put a limit of overdoing jumps and read the kids ability, be ready to catch them and repair them from a crash. Make sure the bike is safe. No brake means a bad ending! I take tools and lube to each session. If you see kids with wrong size bike or set up talk to the parents about it and just try to change their bike fit!

Kids love to jump, so make sure you have properly made jumps that make the kids excited! There is an art to track making. There are too many boring bike tracks around and kids are not going to play!

“Riding is the nature” is another topic, but I recommend a close eye on the kids before you adventure out into the wild singletrack and be aware of your responsibility.

Join a club so that helps with insurance.

Cycling Coach - The key to effectively coach the kids